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Canada ZouKizBachata Convention

We are soliciting volunteer applications for the 2nd Edition Canada ZouKizBachata Convention, November 1-5, from now until September 30th, 2018. Dancers and non-dancers are welcome to apply. We are looking for responsible, polite and organized people who can work in a fast-paced setting. Applicants must be prepared to volunteer for 4 to 12 hours. No experience is required, but customer service or event managing/volunteering experience is an asset.

Volunteers Roles

Roles can overlap based on experience

1) Registration/Ticketing: Print the registration/tickets lists in advance. Check Ids. Give wristbands to Pass buyers. Sell new tickets. Provide information about the event. Keep a tally of the wristbands given and the money taken.

2) Hosting and Logistics Support: Work with the Logistics coordinator to make sure the artists are taken care of for all weekend. Manage the artists’ food and drinks and report to organizers. Make sure water is always available for instructors and performers.

3) Airport greeter/Transport: Pick up international artists at the airport and transport them between the venue and their hotel/AirBnB. Run errands as required. Full G driver’s license and having your own vehicle required.

4) Logistics Support/Usher: Work under the Logistics Coordinator during room set up and wrap-up. Check wristbands at the doors and answer customers' questions. (must be able to work well under pressure).

5) Show/Competition Coordinator: Communicate with competitors, performers and performance teams through email before the event. Report to the organizers about special requests. Greet and direct performers on event nights. Ask team directors to make sure everyone is present. Make sure the shows and competition can start on time by communicating with the MC, DJs, Logistics Coordinator and artists. Print and amend show schedules. Make sure to provide to the MC accurate team/performer names. Provide numbers to competitors and arrange the order of competition draw. Manage and Collect Judge score sheets and calculate results. Provide results to MC and hand out medals and trophies.

6) CZKBC Vendor Booth: Take care of the CZKBC table selling snacks, refreshments, shirts and other dance paraphernalia. Manage the cash box and inventory count to balance at the end of each shift.

7) Coat check: Take care of the event's coat check. Handling coat check tickets and cash.

Please fill the form below. You will be contacted by volunteers@zoukizbachata.com if selected.

You must be available during the entire event to apply. Shifts will be attributed by the volunteer coordinator and can only be traded between volunteers sharing the same role, and only with the organizers’ approval.

If you are selected, you will be contacted by e-mail or phone. Full time and part time volunteers will receive a promo code for a full pass with a discount proportional to their number of hours (up to 100% of the pass price for 12 hours). You will also be required to attend a minimum of one volunteer training & orientation session before the event.

Thank you!