1. You need a full pass (or performer’s pass) to compete in any division. The price is $20 per competitor for per division for AM-AM and $40 per competitor per division for PRO-AM. Contact if you are looking for an available PRO dancer who will be at the event.

2. To register, you must enter you Full Pass ticket number when purchasing a competition registration on our tickets page.

3. Registrations will be accepted at the door before 8PM on Friday and Saturday.

Competition Divisions

  • Brazilian Zouk Am-Am Heats
  • Brazilian Zouk Pro-Am Heats
  • Kizomba Am-Am Heats
  • Kizomba Pro-Am Heats
  • Urban-Kiz Am-Am Heats
  • Urban-Kiz Pro-Am Heats
  • Semba Am-Am Heats
  • Semba Pro-Am Heats
  • Bachata Am-Am Heats
  • Bachata Pro-Am Heats
  • Cabaret Am-Am Showcase
  • Cabaret Pro-Am Showcase

**Showcase divisions for Zouk, Bachata, Kizomba, Semba and Urban Kiz will be available in the 2018 edition.**


Pros Available for PRO-AM Competitors:

Bachata:  Daryl Shaw

Urban Kiz: Tin Man, Daryl Shaw

Kizomba: Knzo, Tin Man


Brazilian Zouk: Charles Espinoza, Aline Cleto


Heats Definition

For its first edition, the Canada ZouKizBachata Convention will hold only Heats Divisions Competitions for Brazilian Zouk, Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz and Sensual Bachata. Heats are divisions where two people who registered as partners dance together on the stage or dance floor to music that is selected by the competition’s DJ. Heats will consist of a warm-up with all competitors for 30 seconds and an individual round for 1.5 minutes.

Heats divisions are designed to show the ability to connect with one’s partner and display timing, musicality and creativity to whatever music is played.

Lifts, tricks, flares or dips are permitted but we encourage competitors to study proper safe technique beforehand and use them only when they are appropriately fitting the music. All competitors will be required to sign an injury liability waiver.

*There will be a maximum of one lift above the shoulders allowed per performance, except for the Cabaret Showcase division, where is no limit*

The HEATS Competition is scheduled on Friday and Saturday evening.


Showcase Definition

A showcase division where two who registered as partners dance a prepared choreography together on the stage or dance floor to a song that they chose and submitted to the competition DJ. The song can be up to 2 minutes. Music mixes are allowed, but a maximum of 3 songs can be mixed together.

For its first edition, the Canada ZouKizBachata Convention will hold only a Cabaret Showcase Division. Cabaret focuses on lifts and tricks, and there is no limit to how many can be put in the choreography.



Couple: Defined as one leader and one follower. There are no restrictions based on gender.

Pro (Professional): Someone who is getting paid regularly or who has, in the past, been paid regularly to teach or perform in the dance style selected.

Note: For the sake of this competition Kizomba pros are also considered pros for UrbanKiz (and vice-versa).

Am (Amateur): Someone who has never been paid to teach or perform in the dance style selected.

Novice: Someone who has been dancing for less than a year in the dance style selected and who has never won a novice competition before in that style.

Intermediate: Someone who has been dancing for at least a year in the dance style selected.

Advanced: Someone who has been dancing for at two a year or already competed before in the dance style selected.



  1. Timing – 20%
  2. Musicality – 15%
  3. General Dance Technique – 20%
  4. Representation of the dance style chosen – 15%
  5. Connection / Partnering Skills – 20%
  6. Overall Presentation – 10%

 The Judges Panel will consist of:

-Core Panel of four judges experienced in World-Class competitions who will judge every division, with an eye out for general dance technique, showmanship and musicality.  

A rotating panel of judges who are specialists of the style and who will analyse the moves and patterns used. They will analyse more in depth the moves and patterns used.
(Please Note that the 2 Panels will have different score sheets)

Recommended patterns by level:

Brazilian Zouk:
Novice: Basic, Soltinho lateral, Elastico, Boomerang and Lunge.
Intermediate: Bonus, Chicote, Boneca (head movements), Cambre, Chicote, Body wave
Advanced: Viradinha, Spiral turns, Multiple tilted spins, Isolations, Micro-leads, Counterbalance

Bachata: Coming soon

Kizomba: Coming soon

Urban Kiz: Coming soon

Semba: Coming soon

General Info & Rules

 MUSIC: For showcase competitions, please provide your a final electronic version of your music to the official competition DJ or to in advance. Contestants who have not submitted their music already at the time of competition will be disqualified.

Contestants are encouraged to wear costumes or matching outfits. We discourage wearing jeans. One person from each couple will be asked to wear a number sign pinned to their back.

No props are allowed. A prop is defined as any non-clothing item that is not part of the regular costume worn by the dancers and that is not attached to the dancer or their costume for the full duration of their routine.

The order of the competitors will be determined at the time of the competition by way of draw. The competitors will meet the stage manager to choose by draw the order in which they will be competing. ALL dancers need to be present to draw a number. If you or your partner are not present, you will be disqualified; the entry fee will not be refunded. All dancers must be backstage in costume, ready to go before the competition begins. While waiting in the holding area, no extra people will be allowed. No exceptions.

All contestants will sign a release form consenting that the CZKBC can record and use their image for videos, films, photos, television programs or any other image-related recordings, with licit and legal purposes and not opposed to any moral standard.

The head judge will have final say on all discrepancies. All questions and/or disputes should be brought to the attention of the head judge that evening.

Please be advised that the final schedule will be on our website

The competition results will also be announced during the event.