Artists for 2017

Brazilian Zouk

Eglantine Oliveira


Eglantine is an instructor, performer and choreographer in International Latin Dance Festivals worldwide.

Her expertise comes from a diversified combination and solid practical experience in academic dances, Brazilian social dances, martial arts and professional qualification. Key themes that run through her work include: adaptability & resilience, connection & collaboration, facilitation & performance improvement.

Furthermore she is an internationally renowned artist worldwide that who has inspired dancers around the world with her brilliant technique and innovative ability to deliver Wellness through dance.

Charles Espinoza & Aline Cleto


Charles Espinoza

Charles Espinoza was introduced to dance by his cousin in Brazil at the age of 15. Fascinated by the art form, Charles signed up for a Hip-Hop class at a local gym and hasn’t stopped dancing since. With dance coming naturally to him, Charles jumped right into professional training in styles such as poppin’, lockin’, house, waacking, breaking, street jazz, and hip hop. He has had the pleasure to train under such renowned industry names as Alicia Keys choreographer Luam, and other choreographers such as Tanisha Scott, Rhapsody, and Brian Nicholson. He has performed nationally and internationally in some of the most popular live and recorded shows, including “NBA All Star Game” with Arianna Grande, “EPura Commercial” with the latin artist Thalia, “Saturday Night Live” Cuban Christmas episode, and “Latino Night Celebration” at Madison Square Garden.

From music videos such as MTV: For Fun to Dance Flick on television, Charles has done just about everything. He is currently teaching and choreographing in the New York area and training at Broadway Dance Center and several other studios. Charles’ Brazilian heritage continues to influence his dancing as his passion drives him to pursue his professional dance career in New York City and Los Angeles.

Aline Cleto

Professional dancer and choreographer since 2005, she participated in several Salsa, Zouk and Samba World Congresses held in São Paulo. In 2010, she completed the famous international course called "College of Salsa" performed by Caribbean Connection staff and got trained by the best professionals in the world of salsa. In 2008, Aline won the National Championship of Ballroom Dancing in Florianópolis, "Baila Floripa". In 2009, she became the first national tournament salsa champion, the "Salsa y Sabor" held by the Salsa World Congress in Brazil.
Aline joined the Club Company “Latin Dance”, participating in shows “Nuances Latinas” (2008) and “Desires” (2009). Since then, she also worked in renowned institutions like the SESC, giving classes and performing shows. From 2012 to 2013, she performed on Cruises by Costa Cruises dancing along the Brazilian coast.
Abroad, she participated in the most important South American salsa competition in Rosario (Argentina), where became second runner-up award winner. Soon after, in November 2012, she performed at the "Congress Comadreja" in Cordoba (Argentina), which gathers all the leading dancers and competitors in the world of salsa.
Has traveled last year with her former partner Jefferson Dadinho, teaching classes at the main zouk congresses in the world, among them, "Brazil Central" (2013-Australia), "Dutch Zouk" (2013, Netherlands), "Prague Zouk Congress" (2014-Czech Republic), and the "Carioca Brazilian International Dance Congress "(2013-2014 Russia), as well as teaching in the UAE, North America and the major Brazilian capital cities. Aline currently lives in New York City perfecting her English, and teaching classes for both Zouk and Samba de Gafieira.


Marta Mignone


Italian dancer from Milan, she was introduced to the salsa world in 2008 and since then she has had training in all the Latin style dances, as well as reggaeton and acrobatic dances. She has been competing in salsa and bachata world competitions for 2 years, whereupon she pursued her career with teaching and performing in many countries with her partner from Italy.

Since 2013 she has been teaching and performing kizomba, developing and representing a new style for female dancers mixed with her salsa background within technical rules based on her dance knowledge. Today she is a worldwide icon in kizomba scene and she travels around the world sharing her love and her passion for the dance throughout workshops and shows.

Knzo Mendy


Knzo Mendy, native to Sénégal and Cap Vert, is nurtured from a young age with rhythm, dance, musicality and singing.
His childhood is marked by dance and musicality, a major component of African culture. For Knzo it soon became an expression of life.

He was one of the first dancers, teacher and organizers of kizomba in France, year 2009.

Knzo Mendy evolves in the crossing between American, Caribbean, European and naturally African culture.

His original style, his passion for “The Culture” and the creation, in the broad term, his overwhelming energy and perfectionism render his dance innovative and unforgettable.

By piecing together latin dances with a multitude of other styles like hip-hop, African dance, or carribean dances, Knzo finds his driving point.

Knzo participates in numerous events and congresses around the world ( Hong-kong- pékin -Shanghai- Bombay-Bangalore - New-delhi - Singapore - Taiwan - France - Italy - Poland - Praha- Senegal - Côte d'ivoire - Guinée Bissau - Sweden - Finland - Switzerland ) and founds a dance school in Paris. Following that, he organizes multiple festivals and events throughout France and the rest of the world.


Antonio & Estefania